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In 2016 my unending quest to try something new has led me to a genre about as far away from my novels set in Regency England as itís possible to get. Rebel Princess, Book 1 of a four-book SyFy series, will soon be published by the Amazon Press, Kindle Scout. To be more specific, Rebel Princess is best described as Futuristic Paranormalówhat I hope is an intriguing blend of a future where minds really can triumph over matter, evil aggressors roam the skies, and romance still makes multiple worlds go round.

But if youíre a devoted Regency fan, youíll find plenty of that genre still here, from Traditional Regencies ŗ la Jane Austen to Regency Gothics, Regency Historicals, and four Regency Darkside novellas (age 18+). And please donít forget my contemporary novels of Mystery and Suspense, most of them set in Central Florida. Youíll find covers and blurbs for all genres right here.

I hope youíll also check out my blog, Graceís Mosaic Moments, where Iíve been offering Writing and Editing tips since 2011, as well as a wide variety of bits and pieces from recipes to photos of the grandchildren! Please see the link on the menu at right.

I also offer a content- and copy-editing service under the name Best Foot Forward. For a brochure, please click on BFF on the menu at right.

Again, thank you for visiting my website. At over thirty books, thereís quite a bit to see. Please explore at your leisure. Hopefully, thereís something for everyone.

Blair Bancroft

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